Philippines Improvement in the E- Readiness Rankings

April 10, 2008

Based on the recent study entitled "E-readiness rankings 2008: Maintaining momentum" conducted by Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU), the Philippines has improved its capacity of using IT and communication for development. Although the said rank improvement, it is not enough to be able to outrank other countries.

E- Readiness is the measure of the quality of a country’s information and communications technology infrastructure and the ability of its consumers, businesses and government to use ICT to their benefit. The said study was based on a number of factors that includes consumer and business adoption, connectivity and technology infrastructure, business environment, social and cultural environment, government policy and vision and legal environment.

Last year, the Philippines’ "e-readiness" score was 4.66 and today is now 4.90. The Philippines is now on the 55th place out of 70 from last year 56th out of 68.

According to EIU Editorial Director Robin Bew the world’s most developed digital economies and many of less developed ones continue to record impressive gains in broadening access to ICT and making digital services available to the population.

With the advancement of technology, Filipino people are interested to learn about IT and computers. There are almost ten thousands students graduating from computer related course yearly. It is not surprising that in a few years, the Philippine’s rank will steadily increase when it comes to E-readiness.

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